Rider's Gene riding t-shirts are the emblem of comfort and style. The mesh-effect cotton offers breathability and lightness, while the sporty fit makes them perfect to accompany you both in training and in everyday life.


The riding shirts are suitable for all disciplines, you can wear them during all your competitions, in training for all your disciplines from jumping or hunter to dressage, from suit to endurance.

Rider's Gene riding T-shirts are in single-color mesh effect cotton, with customized rubber and geometric logos, defining a unique design.

The fitting is comfortable and suitable for any moment of the day, thanks to the short sleeves and the versatile fit, designed according to the needs of riders and amazons and then translated into the final product.

Rider's Gene offers four types of women's riding t-shirts and men's riding t-shirts.

Women's riding t-shirts are available in different colors, from black or white to gray, so they can be worn on casual but also more elegant occasions.

The men's riding t-shirts offer white and black as openings, suitable for both training and an everyday sporty outfit. Bring them back to your competition to wear them in moments of rest or during a workout.

The style that characterizes the women's riding t-shirt is sporty, favored by the technical material, allowing you to keep your body warm and free to move.

The maintenance of the t-shirt is easy-care and fast-drying, it is advisable to wash it at a maximum of 30 ° and do not use the dryer.

By Logic One Srl