Innovative, technical and urban-styled. Discover the various types of riding breeches by Rider's Gene: a wide choice of full-grip, knee-grip, high waist and low waist. The extremely technical and fresh material is guaranteed by the jersey and the rubberized grip, to allow you a greater adherence to your horse.


To best choose your horse-riding breeches, we invite you to consider 5 elements that can guide you in choosing your product:

1) Freedom of movement and grip

2) Resistance to climatic conditions

3) Breathability

4) Easy-care

5) Fitting

1) Freedom of movement and grip: in riding pants, grip is essential for your training, differentiating itself from jumping to hunter, from suit to endurance and dressage. The Knee Grip, in fact, is ideal for daily training and jumping, thanks to its anti-slip inserts at knee height, while the Full Grip is excellent for those who practice dressage thanks to the inserts along the entire leg.

2) Resistance to climatic conditions: good riding trousers are windproof, rainproof, protect against UV rays and maintain the ideal body temperature despite the different seasons. The RG breeches are resistant yet versatile, and act as a shield for any weather.

3) Breathability: Sweating is not a problem with the right riding pants, which will absorb sweat and keep you dry during your performance.

4) Easy-care: easy maintenance and quick drying allows you to make the most of your pants without worries.

5) Fitting: horse-riding breeches are an essential element for the rider, in which he must feel at ease to better express himself. The RG Italy breeches are characterized by both high and low waist so as to be able to offer the greatest possible variety.


Rider's Gene offers a line of riding breeches for men and women characterized by innovation and technicality, interpreted in a fresh and versatile key.

Women's riding breeches accompany both the first steps towards riding with a comfortable and simple fit, but are also able to meet the needs of an expert rider, always in full Rider's Gene style.

Discover your true nature as a rider and the connection with your horse through men's breeches in various colors and customizations to bring out your personality.

Try riding pants with high or low waist, knee grip and full grip with modern designs.

The real added value of these riding trousers is the urban design combined with the extreme quality of the materials. The technical jersey allows you to use the Rider's Gene riding trousers in all conditions thanks to its water-repellent and wind-proof feature.

The trousers also offer comfort thanks to the details such as the side pockets that allow you to insert your iPhone without restricting your movements and the internal belt with personalized grip for a perfect fit.

The sock at the bottom of the leg guarantees comfort during the race, training and in moments of rest between your competitions.

By Logic One Srl